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Nail Trim Services

There are many different aspects to grooming your pet, all of which are equally important. However, there is one that many owners overlook and/or prefer not to carry out themselves. This crucial part of grooming is nail trimming.

Trimming your pet’s nails is very important, but since our animals don’t understand the importance of remaining perfectly still, and even the best-behaved pet isn’t guaranteed to follow an instruction to do so, many owners prefer to pass the responsibility of this aspect of grooming to a professional.

Our experienced and passionate pet care team understands the importance of keeping your furbaby’s nails under control and can carry out comprehensive, accurate trims without a fuss. In fact, they are so well-practiced that many pets don’t even notice that they are having their claws trimmed. Here is what you need to know about why this service is essential for your pet.

The importance of nail trims for your pet

Like our own, our pet’s nails grow consistently during their lifetime. Much of your pet’s natural movement will naturally blunt and shorten their nails, with walking on abrasive surfaces being particularly good at wearing them down so that they don’t become too long. However, if your pet’s nails grow particularly fast, or if they don’t get enough exercise to prevent them from becoming too long, regular nail trims are needed to keep them in check.

There are several reasons why this is important.

1. Your pet spends the majority of their time on their paws. If their nails are excessively long, they may put weight on the nail rather than on the paw pad, and this could cause both pain and damage to the nail itself.

2. Nails that are too long are likely to grow around and back into the skin, putting your pet at risk of pain and infection.

3. If your pet’s nails are excessively long, it could change the way that they move. This is because nails are an intrinsic part of your animal’s anatomy. If the position of their nails changes, it can cause the bones in their feet to sit at a different angle and this can put pressure on the joints that could lead to damage. It can also make your pet less steady when moving around, putting them at risk of injury.

4. Longer nails are more likely to cause accidental damage to people and property. This inadvertently put your family and other people at risk, as well as meaning that you need to replace household elements such as carpets, flooring and furniture more frequently.

Trimming your pet’s nails yourself is possible, but many owners are reluctant to do it themselves since it can be tricky. There is a risk that you can cut the quick, and if this happens, it will bleed excessively and be painful for your pet. Fortunately, professionals have the experience needed to minimize this risk and ensure that your pet has healthy nails.

To find out more about nail trims for your pet, or to book an appointment, please contact our friendly and experienced veterinary team.

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