The Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention in Dogs

The Companion Animal Parasite Council believes that having parasite-free pets leads to a healthy and happy home. Fleas and ticks can infest your home if you are not careful. These external parasites can drain your pet’s nutrients. They can bring disease to your dog and household. Understanding the importance of flea and tick prevention in canines can help motivate you to be more vigilant about it. Here are the details. 


Prevents the Transmission of Life-threatening Diseases


Ticks and fleas may be tiny, but they can carry pathogens that can lead to deadly diseases. Such diseases are canine babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Lyme disease. Studies show that these diseases can affect dogs, other pets, and even the humans in your household. Preventive measures against these parasites can remove them from your dog and prevent infestations in your living environment. You can then have peace of mind knowing your household is safe from life-threatening diseases. 


Helps Strengthen Your Dog’s Health


These external parasites depend on your dog’s blood. This can result in anemia. A blood condition like this lowers the amount of healthy red blood cells. If this develops in your dog, your dog’s organ systems will lack the nutrients they need to function well. These systems include your immune system, which protects your pet’s body from diseases. Flea and tick prevention can strengthen your dog’s health, especially if you are always on top of it.


Keeps Allergic Reactions at Bay


Research shows that many dogs are allergic to flea saliva. Some of them experience hypersensitivity in just 15 minutes of exposure. Others take one to two days to develop an allergic reaction. Dogs diagnosed with atopic dermatitis have been predisposed to flea allergy dermatitis. 

Allergy to flea saliva can result in excessive itching and scratching. Your dog will have trouble eating, sleeping, and performing other activities. Heavy scratching can result in infections like hotspots. Constant scratching can also result in hair loss and open wounds. When you administer flea and tick preventives, you will give your pet a comfortable and healthy life. 


Leads to an Infestation-free Home


An infested dog in your home is more than enough to contaminate your entire property. If you have many dogs and other pets, there will be more hosts to feed on. These parasites can transfer to different areas of your home. They can finish their stages of development and wait for more hosts to infest. Humans can be ideal hosts as well. 

Remember that a tick’s life cycle completes in 14 days. Spraying your property with flea treatment can remove the waiting parasites. Treating it after another two weeks can break the cycle. Keep this in mind to keep your property and home free of ticks and fleas. 


Prevention Is Always Better Than Treatment


Keeping your dog on flea and tick prevention can cost you. But it will cost you even more if you bring your dog in for the treatment of tick- or flea-borne diseases. Your vet has many products to keep these parasites off. You can work with your vet in choosing the right one for your pet’s needs and your budget.

Flea and tick prevention in dogs can help your canine companion stay healthy and happy. At Community Pet Outreach, we always make sure that the pets in our care have a pleasant time during treatments and checkups. Feel free to drop by our facility in Lewisville, Texas, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 972-848-8930 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our flea and tick prevention products on hand. For emergencies beyond our hours of operation, you can call any of the following facilities:

  • 972-323-1310 (North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic - Carrollton, Texas) 

  • 972-994-9110 (Emergency Animal Clinic - LBJ/Greenville Ave. -Dallas, Texas) 

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  • 940-271-1200 (Denton County Animal Emergency Room - Denton, Texas)

  • 817-571-2088 (Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Hospital - Euless, Texas)

  • 469-464-2964 (Flower Mound Emergency Pet Clinic - Flower Mound, Texas)

  • 817-410-2273 (Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas - Grapevine, Texas)

  • 972-438-7113 (VCA Metroplex Animal Hospital – Irving, Texas)

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