June Is National Microchip Month

Millions of animals across the United States end up in shelters every year. Sadly, very few pet owners bother looking for or reclaiming their lost pets from such shelters. If you are afraid of losing your pet, you should consider having a microchip implanted to increase the chances of finding it.


National Microchip Month

It is easy to lose track of your pet. Fortunately, a microchip can make finding your animal friend much easier. This is the reason for this microchip awareness month. Responsible pet owners know that June is National Microchip Month. A microchip can save the life of your pet and reunite you with your lost pet.

Implanting microchips in pets is about more than just reuniting them with their owners. It is also vital when it comes to the medical needs and safety of pets. Furthermore, the process of implanting the chip is quick and pain-free for your furry friend. The chip goes under your pet’s skin. It contains the contact information and any other information you want to put in it, either for identification and medical purposes.


What Are Microchip Implants?

These are tiny radio frequency identification chips implanted in the body. A standard chip can be as small as a grain of rice. It lies dormant until it passes within a few inches of a special scanner. When it passes near the scanner, it emits a radio signal that beams a specific number.

When it comes to implanting microchips in pets, a veterinarian uses a needle to place a minuscule chip under the animal’s skin. Usually, they install the chip between the pet’s shoulder blades. It has a unique number that a unique scanner can pick up and read. It is possible to implant chips in most mammals, including dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, and more.


Importance of Pet Microchips

If there is any important information regarding some health or medical condition your pet might have, you can have it stored on the microchip to alert a veterinarian. Another benefit of microchips is that they are more permanent than tags put on pet collars. This is because a collar can rip off.

Microchip technology is expanding in terms of application. For example, you can have a doggie door that will only open for your dog, thanks to its specific chip. This type of door is safer and more convenient than a traditional doggie door.


Microchip Your Pet This June and Update Your Contact Information

In times of extreme stress, an implanted microchip will relieve some of your anxiety. If a stranger finds your dog and tries to claim it, for example, a microchip will prove your ownership. Without it, however, proving ownership would be very difficult. It is also easier to identify your missing pet versus hundreds of others that enter the shelter in case of a natural disaster.

It is also crucial to regularly update the contact information on your pet’s chip. When you move to a new address, for example, you will need to update that information. In case you lose your pet, the outdated contact information on its microchip will do no good.

To learn more about National Microchip Month, visit Community Pet Outreach at our office in Lewisville, Texas. You can also call 972-848-8930 today to schedule an appointment.

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