How Often Should My Pet Have a Wellness Exam?

How Often Should My Pet Have a Wellness Exam?



To stay healthy, pets need regular wellness exams. As a pet owner, you are probably aware of this. However, do you know how often you should take your animal companion to a veterinarian? 


Perhaps you take your pet for annual wellness checkups. However, is that enough? How often your pet needs a wellness exam will depend on several factors. These include their general health and life stage. 



Regular Wellness Exams for Your Pet



Veterinarians recommend regular health checkups for the same reason physicians recommend them for people. It is vital to detect health issues at their early stages. The chances of successful treatment of health problems are better, less expensive, and less difficult when identified and started early.


As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Some of the most significant components of pet wellness care include routine deworming, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. Your veterinarian can recommend the appropriate wellness and care program based on your pet’s overall health, lifestyle, and age. 



Importance of Wellness Exams for Pets



Most animals are genetically and naturally wired to hide illnesses. However, routine wellness exams for pets can help prevent or address illnesses such as those transmissible to humans. Based on the lab work results and physical exam, your veterinarian will give you recommendations for helping your pet enjoy optimal health. 



When to Take Your Pet for a Wellness Exam



According to most veterinarians, pet owners should take their animal companions for complete physical exams at least once a year. For example, do you have a canine companion? If so, it is vital to discuss their development and growth with your veterinarian at least once every year. This is one of the most important aspects of preventative care. 



Kittens and Puppies



Do you have a puppy or kitten? If so, you need to take them for vaccinations every few weeks until they are at least four months of age. If you have a puppy, take them for distemper-parvo, rabies, and other necessary vaccinations. These vaccinations can prevent conditions such as Lyme disease, influenza, and kennel cough. 


If you have a feline companion, you should take them for feline immunodeficiency virus, leukemia, and other feline wellness exams. Your veterinarian will examine your young pet to ensure that they are growing well and show no signs of a health condition. 



Adult and Senior Years



When your pet reaches the age of one year, they generally need an annual veterinary visit. But as they age, they need more frequent wellness examinations. This is the reason most veterinarians recommend at least two wellness exams every year for older pets.



Bottom Line



To effectively maintain and monitor your pet’s health and well-being, you should get them a complete physical exam at least once a year. But based on the health condition and age of your animal companion, your veterinarian may recommend more frequent examinations. 


If you have an aging pet, for example, they may require more frequent wellness exams. Wellness exams will help you track your pet’s development and growth. They can also help you discuss and address any arising pet health concerns.  


To learn more about wellness exams for pets, visit Community Pet Outreach at our office in Lewisville, Texas. You can call (972) 848-8930 today to schedule an appointment.

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