How Can Neutering Help With Pet Behavioral Problems?

Neutering refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs. The process involves general anesthesia. It not only removes the reproductive organs but also stops the hormones that may cause unwanted behavior. The only behavior neutering affects is those that are a result of hormones.

Even with the removal of the reproductive organs, it takes some time to see change. This is because not all the hormones are gone from your pet's system. So if you still see some signs of unwanted behavior, just give it time. It is important to note that animals do not have emotional attachments to their body parts. Human beings project these feelings onto their pets.


Behavioral Benefits of Neutering

There are several behavioral benefits to neutering your animal. Some of these are:

  • Your Female Pet Will Not Go on Heat

When female pets get on heat, some of them tend to roam. This could put them at risk of getting lost or harmed. When they are in the house, they will yowl, roll, and display demanding behavior.

Female cats go into heat every three weeks for four or five days during the breeding season. This results in uncontrolled breeding. Neutering helps stop this, and it is far less costly than bringing up litter.

  • Your Male Will Have Better Behavior

Male pets have aggressive behavior before neutering. They will urinate and spray strong-smelling urine in the house to mark their territory. During the breeding season and it is outside, it will tend to mount other dogs.

If it is in the house and cannot get out, they will ejaculate when they smell a female on heat. Unneutered male dogs may also tend to be aggressive. They will bark a lot and fight with other dogs.

  • Roaming Away From Home

Before neutering, a male will do anything to find a mate. They will find ways to leave the compound. This could put them at the risk of getting lost, hit by cars, or even stolen.

  • Neutered Pets Are More Affectionate

Neutered pets are less likely to bite. They are less temperamental and exhibit calm behavior. Female cats will not yowl, cry incessantly, and show nervous behavior. You will have a more homely, loveable pet that even your kids can enjoy.

  • You Will Have a Clean Home

Neutering will take care of the urination and spraying, helping you remove the odors from your home. Male dogs and some breeds of females can also chew on anything in the home before neutering. After neutering, they are not so aggressive, so you will be able to keep your home clean. It also saves you from buying new shoes, clothes, and other household items every time.

  • It Is Good for the Community

Communities spend a lot of money eliminating unwanted animals. These animals attack and bite people in the neighborhood, causing injuries. Animal shelters are also full of abandoned animals. Neutering will help control these numbers and keep the neighborhood safe.

To learn more about neutering, visit Community Pet Outreach at our office in Lewisville, Texas. You can call (972) 848-8930 today to schedule an appointment.

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